Branding Design for Capital G Partners

Capital G Partners

Capital G Partners (Cap G) is an operationally-focused private investment group that catalyzes growth through high-performance, to create wealth at the investment level.

Indigo Studios was retained by Cap G to design and develop a branding system that conveys the three pillars of the Capital G mission, which are Growth, Gratitude, and Genuineness.

The firm seeks to invest in businesses that are intent on maximizing growth, by partnering with open-minded investors who understand how to unlock unseen value in talent, technology, and innovation.

The final Capital G Partners brand mark (the G icon) uses a bold modern visual tone to convey the company’s deeply held values and integrates two core graphic elements, the letter C and a chevron. The “C” represents Capital, both investment and intellectual, which is the core product. The addition of the chevron shape visually converts the C into a G and suggests an upward growth/investment arrow.

Capital G Partners will be introducing their new identity in early 2019 so stay tuned for additional work as we launch the brand and measure the return on our client’s investment in the Indigo Studios brand development process.

Brand Application