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NASCO healthcare technology asked Indigo Studios to create a new corporate video to promote their new positioning as a community of leading health plans, visionary technology providers and expert talent. They wanted to create a highly visual, 2D typographic style animation to celebrate their brand in a fresh new way that would be accessible to a broad customer audience. In a matter of weeks we landed on a script and treatment that had everyone excited to move into production, and within a month we had a rough cut approved and a delivery and promotion plan that had them off and running with their new brand messaging. Indigo creates brand messaging for all media needs, including 2D motion design. Let’s get yours started today!...

When a great engineering innovation leads to an industry-advancing product launch, you want to make as big a splash as you can! With the Leviton Load Center, our client introduced a product that was simpler, neater, more intuitive and efficient, from installation through servicing. Indigo Studios wrote a script that told the story, and then created a CGI animation that brought the product to life with a level of photo-realistic detail and accuracy that makes both a splash, an undeniable quality statement for the Leviton brand. To make your next product launch a high-voltage success, call Indigo Studios!...

Indigo Studios was retained by Cap G to design and develop a branding system that conveys the three pillars of the Capital G mission, which are Growth, Gratitude, and Genuineness....

Perkins + Will Bridge Overview Created practically overnight, Indigo Studios met the challenges of creating an informative and visually engaging video animation from only our clients drawing of the bridge and their architectural plans. This new bridge project was a very big deal. It would connect 2 massive tracts of land in order to improve regional transportation infrastructure and boost commerce and recreation opportunities at the same time. The bridge was also designed to act as a sustainable water-filtering system, which offered great advantages concerning the environmental impact of the project. Indigo Studios rendered the bridge, created the environment scenes and edited the production to bring the story of this unique bridge to life. This project also integrated all of our CGI strengths including 3D modeling, rendering, surfacing, lighting, compositing and motion design. The resulting video delivered a dynamic and deeply engaging production for our clients presentation. ...

Working with our agency client, the Indigo CGI team designed a virtual blue world to visually feature and demonstrate how important automobile sensor technology has become as a tool to assist drivers and improve safety....