Indigo Studio X Ease ATL

Atlanta Meetup and Animation with EASE

On March 21st Indigo Studios and EASE Atlanta came together, as we proudly opened our studio doors to host the 16th EASE Atlanta monthly meetup in our 3600 sq. ft. NW Atlanta cyclorama.

EASE Atlanta meetups are networking and learning events for the area’s motion graphics industry. They provide a great opportunity for creative professionals to network and see the inner workings of other local design studios.

To promote the event, Indigo Studios created two animated shorts on the theme of these two great Atlanta creative forces coming together as one for a night. Scroll down for an inside look at the creative development process behind each of these two experiences—from storyboard to final production.

Indigo Studios Ease ATL Storyboards

After working out the flow of each story we created test productions to work out the motion and material dynamics that would ultimately be shaped into creations of unique beauty—as does clay in the hands of a master sculptor—by our insanely talented team of animation and visual effects virtuosos.

Once the particulars of spinning the visual yarn that would be our 20-some-odd-second story had been wrestled into submission, like that unruly kid who always sat in the back corner of your 9th grade math class, our team locked themselves away in the undisclosed location (located at 33.782607, -84.412610) codenamed “The Indigo Studios Creative Vault of Excellence” (TM, ©, and all rights reserved) and created a call to action that reached far and wide, second only in response to the famed Bat-Signal itself.

Thank you EASE for asking Indigo to host. And thank you to all who came out—we’ll see you soon!