First Round Atlanta Conference Main Stage

Takeaways from First Round Atlanta

Sitting in one of the back rows of SCADshow’s MainStage I was ready. Ready to learn, get inspired, and come away with new strategies for how to conceive and present creative solutions to our clients.

The room is very welcoming and although it holds 360 people, it felt very intimate. For those who don’t know, First Round is “a one-day showcase of original presentations made to clients, showing initial design exploration for logo, identity, and branding projects.”

Due to the main stage lighting, Evernote was my friend alongside my camera. After reviewing my notes from the day, here are 3 of my takeaways from First Round Atlanta 2018.

First Round Atlanta Tom Cox
Include the client in the process as much as you can. — Tom Cox

What I enjoyed most from Tom Cox’s talk was how deeply he includes his clients in their projects. His showcase example being the suitcase full of inspiration that his clients get to build their mood boards with. Like…straight-up magazines and some scissors. I love how this not only helps the client’s vision but allows them to have a hand in the creative process.

First Round Atlanta Staci Janik
Adjectives get people on the same page. — Staci Janik

The right words matter. Most of us have been there, you’re trying to describe a product, ok a person… it’s usually a person, and you need the right word for them. For example, “Brian is so affable (easy to talk to). People meeting him for the first time think so too.” When you find it, you get your “YES” from those who know the product (or person) best. These descriptive words are just as helpful in defining a clients’ identity as they are their vision.

First Round Atlanta Wade Thompson
Take some ideas on a walk. — Wade Thompson

We’ve all had the experience of sketching or wire-framing and idea that seems to have legs, but you’re not sure why. You need to give it more breathing room — time for a digital hug of sorts. Taking your idea on a “walk” can help you decide if it’s ready to stand on its own. Does it read the way you want it to? If no, what could be done in order for it to express your client’s needs? Also, it helps to actually go for a walk sometimes. 🙂

SCADshow First Round Atlanta

So that’s 3 of many things I learned — not a bad haul from a one-day event with 12 speakers. If First Round shows up near you, go! Seriously. It is worth every penny. Many thanks to Indigo Studios for sending me out for the day. It was a great experience.