Move Bumpers CGI professional brand imagery

Making your truck smile with bumpers by Move.

You’re planning an app development, website or ad campaign that needs professional brand imagery.

You need to source an amazing photographer, producer and crew, and you have to get your products shipped there too. You might be looking at a week-long shoot in an exotic location so you need to scout. Oh, and you’ll need to order up some perfect weather for that week—of course!

Move Bumpers CGI professional brand imagery

Or… you could simply do what our friends at Hudson Integrated did recently for Move Bumpers. Call Indigo Studios to develop a CGI solution for you. One that guarantees sunny weather and bullet-proof schedules… keeps costs predictable, ensures your total creative control, and of course turns out an amazing creative result! Oh, and did we mention you get re-usable 3D assets as an added bonus so you can use those same approved images across all of your marketing, social and sales support channels?

Move Bumpers CGI professional brand imagery
Move Bumpers Configurator CGI professional brand imagery

Each of our key art images on the MOVE Bumpers website was created by composing CGI rendered trucks into Indigo back-plate environments. All the product configurator images (bumpers) were created using client supplied CAD design files in our CGI workflow.

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