QTS Data Center Building CGI Auburn

Breaking Ground With Groundbreaking Design

QTS, located in Ashburn, VA is the largest data center market in North America and one of the top 5 in the world. They came to Indigo Studios asking for some animation for a huge, new building that was going to be their flagship headquarters. QTS wanted to see the building come to life in its fullest form. They needed details; they needed accuracy; and they needed it quickly.

Of course, we agreed and couldn’t wait to start the project.

Indigo: Just send us some photos of the building and surrounding landscape. We’ll come up with a unique way to show off your key technological and architectural features.

QTS: Well, there’s one catch. The building hasn’t been built yet.

Indigo’s lead animator, Tony Hocevar: Okay, no problem.

QTS Data Center Auburn Before

Tony and his team got started with the architect’s rough CAD drawings, Google Earth images and QTS drone footage of the landscape—and did their magic. Combining the footage of the environment, still photos, and expert design skills, Indigo fully animated a realistic representation of the building-to-be. The composite is amazing. The result is seamless.

From the expansive exterior to highlighting the key geographic location, to the complete look, feel, and details of a finished building – Indigos animation team nailed it!

So even before QTS broke ground on this ambitious construction project, our groundbreaking animation, creativity, and problem-solving skills brought it to life virtually.

Check out the final piece below.

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