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Pucker Up! It’s National Lemonade Day

NYC locals can tell if you’re a tourist if you’re not wearing black, if you walk at a normal pace, and stare upward while holding a street map. And those brand new walking sneakers are a dead giveaway on the streets of Paris or Rome. Believe it or not, Rhode Island has its own way of distinguishing the tourists from the locals. It’s that spoon! If you have a spoon — or a straw — in your Del’s Lemonade, we know you’re not from Little Rhody.

The beauty that is Del’s is the balance of perfectly crushed ice, lemon, and sweetness. It’s blended together in a comfy paper cup that you gently squeeze, releasing the oh-so-cooling slushiness into your mouth. Having said that, lemons by themselves are well…lemony. Our reactions to this truth speak volumes as you can see below.

What’s with all the sour faces? Pucker up, baby! May 20th is National Lemonade Day! (And this is actually such a popular holiday that it happens again on August 20th on some calendars) Since we believe that Rhode Island has the best lemonade (Del’s) we thought we’d squeeze a little fun into this sour celebration. Welcome to Lemonade Day strategy at its finest.

National Lemonade Day Whiteboard

(Ok, so maybe the suggestion of a helicopter dropping buckets of Del’s was a little much.) After our brainstorming segment, we moved on to the timeline and next steps. First step: Get Lemons. Because there’s nothing quite like a contorted face in response to the sour power of a lemon in your lips.

Dels Lemonade National Lemonade Day

Gary Book, our Associate Creative Director, masterfully painted the images to bring the depth and emotion we were looking for in the final pieces. The end result? Tart. Sour. Acerbic. Ewwwwww. My mouth is puckering just looking at these photos and I can feel the lemony-ness coming through the screen. Seriously though, if you’re feeling that too, we’re sorry for your sour experience. Sometimes we take it too far.

Next, we moved on to Del’s Lemonade, Rhode Island’s leading contender for State Fruit. We photographed each part separately.

✅ Del’s Cup
✅ Del’s Lemonade
✅ Lemons

We didn’t want to leave you thinking about the cool, quenching relief of fresh lemonade and not leave you with a little something. Since we can’t squeeze Del’s into your computer screen, the least we can do is give you some lovely wallpapers to download (right click the link and select save as to download). And remember, when life gives you lemons, make art.

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