Indigo Studios

Branding Your Brand

Those of us in “the business” know that it’s easier to look at others’ branding needs and suggest what they should do. But branding your own company? That’s a whole other animal. Indigo Studios recently expanded and we wanted to reflect our growth with some new branding, which included a whole new logo. Here is where we landed.

The final logo design is simple in its form, yet symbolic in its meaning. The geometric icon consists of repeating shapes that form the “I” and “S” in our name; basically a geometric take on a monogram. But if you look closely, you can see the infinity symbol. In many cultures this symbol represents balance, never-ending perfection, and synergy. And this fits perfectly with one of the biggest strengths of Indigo Studios, for synergy is defined as the benefit that different forces achieve together that they could not have accomplished on their own.