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The Indigos Studios design group is a multi-faceted team of creative strategists and highly skilled visual communicators. ...

Perkins + Will Bridge Overview Created practically overnight, Indigo Studios met the challenges of creating an informative and visually engaging video animation from only our clients drawing of the bridge and their architectural plans. This new bridge project was a very big deal. It would connect 2 massive tracts of land in order to improve regional transportation infrastructure and boost commerce and recreation opportunities at the same time. The bridge was also designed to act as a sustainable water-filtering system, which offered great advantages concerning the environmental impact of the project. Indigo Studios rendered the bridge, created the environment scenes and edited the production to bring the story of this unique bridge to life. This project also integrated all of our CGI strengths including 3D modeling, rendering, surfacing, lighting, compositing and motion design. The resulting video delivered a dynamic and deeply engaging production for our clients presentation. ...

Working with our agency client, the Indigo CGI team designed a virtual blue world to visually feature and demonstrate how important automobile sensor technology has become as a tool to assist drivers and improve safety....

To create visuals for this campaign, we had a photoshoot with Lee Corso and Desmond Howard at our 3600sq/ft studio in Atlanta. We set up poses and captured a number of different scenarios with the models, the product, and extras. Then our retouching team took over and enhanced the light as well as the color and texture, to create the finished printed pieces....

Our Post Production team enhanced the photography with light, color and texture, and background, creating a crisp hyper-realistic effect to showcase the essence of this comedian....

Our Post Production team captured the unique essence of this popular actor and entertainer by enhancing the photography with light, color and texture, and background....