Freightliner 75th Anniversary image
CGI rendering of the 75th Anniversary image for Freightliner
2018 Ford Explorer
2018 Ford Explorer CGI Rendering
2018 Ford Expedition
The 2018 Ford Expedition has been revealed & Indigo Studios provided the CGI renderings and post production work. Original photography by David Westphal
2018 Ford F150
New year, new look. The 2018 Ford F150 got even sexier! Indigo Studios created a variety of CGI renders and photo-compositions supporting the 2018 launch.  Check out the site at 
Porsche Samples - CGI & Retouching
Several Porsche Samples created in our downtime.
2017 Chevy Silverado Retouching
2017 Chevy Silverado retouching
2017 Ford SuperDuty CGI and Retouching
2017 Ford SuperDuty CGI and Retouching
Freightliner Cutaway
Co-Branded cutaway for Freightliner and Detroit Diesel
2017 Ford Flex - CGI & Retouching
Besides having to retouch photography which was provided, Indigo was also asked to create several cgi shots which did not exist.
2017 Ford Fleet - CGI & Retouching
A small lineup of many vehicles that Ford has to offer.
38N Environment Shots
38N Environment Shots supporting the product launch
Indigo Studios Backplate/HDR Collection
2018 Ford EcoSport - CGI & Retouching
Indigo was hired to create photo realistic renderings of the brand new Ford Ecosport. Indigo flew out on location to capture HDR Domes to use for the rendering process.
Freightliner 38N Product Launch
38N product launch
Mercedes Actros CGI
Mercedes Actros CGI
Freightliner 38N Launch assets
Freightliner 38N launch assets
Ford Super Duty Photography & CGI
Artwork created using photography and CGI for Ford F450 campaign.
Automotive Interiors CGI
Various automotive interior shots created using CAD files and CGI.
Ford Edge - CGI & Retouching
Various digital art created for Ford Edge campaign.
Automotive Samples - CGI & Retouching
Automotive samples created to showcase our abilities.
2017 Ford Superduty - CGI & Retouching
All artwork for Ford Super Duty 2017 campaign
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